01YR222 for X1 Carbon 6th Gen 20KH 20KG 2018 Full Tested Lenovo ThinkPad Integrated Motherboards NM-B48 DDR4 CPU i5-7300U 8G RAM For 4th laptop motherboard 14282-2M W/ i7-6600U 16G-RAM FRU 01AX809 01LV923 01AX813 Mainboard 01LV446 01AY094 01AY092 X1C 5th Laptop DX120 NM-B141 With I5-6200U/6300U 8GB-RAM Thinkpad is suitable 3nd i7-5500 8GB notebook motherboard. 00HT355 00HT356 00HT343 00HT344 Akemy Laotop Motherboard I7-4550U 12298-2 48.4LY06.021 00HN772 00HN771 00HN760 00HN759 Kabylake 20HR 20HQ WIN i7-7600U KBL 16GB AMT TPM2 PN01AY073 / Yoga 1st 14282-2m with 100% test OK AKemy carbon i7-5600/i7-5500 00HT361 mainboard 2nd I5-4300U FRU: 00UP979 48.4LY26.021 14 HD IPS LED LCD Screen Display B140XTN02.5 thinkpad x1 gen No touch screen 1366x768 40Pin 14-inch LP140QH1 SP B1 (SP) (B1) 2560 * 1440 (Non Touch) New LPM140M420 00NY680 40 pins Non-Touch WQHD Panel Original Estonian Backlit Keyboard Shell C Cover Palmrest Upper Case 01YR574 Hungary Hungarian Backlight Teclado 04Y0801 SZTWDONE L18C4P71 battery 7th 2019/2020 TP00109A L18M4P72 15.36V 51WH Genuine Battery 2019 Year L18L4P71 02DL006 SB10T83174 SKB10K97644 5B10W13931 KH fiber Sticker Skin Decals Protector Guard Nano 13 Suitable x1c 2017 D shell lower cover and case US 01LX508 01LX548 01HY027 fingerprint Tray Bracket SB40P95815 Decal 3rd Generation (2015 release) Applicable to 2nd/3rd Rear 04X5565 00HN935 new LXL 2nd,3rd base cover, TYPE : 20A7 20A8 20BS 20BT 00UR145 00HT363 04X5571 00HN810 original THINKPAD fan cooler heatsink 04W3589 0B55975AA Speaker L&R Set 01LV460 lenovo CARBON USB DP board LVDS DISPLAY Cable 2K x 5C10V28092 DC02C00FF10 Web Camera 720P 2015 Small Sub Board 00HN304 00HN305 USED FOR THINKPAD-X1-CARBON-TYPE-20A7-20A Heatsink Fan 0C54435 04X3829 /X1 Notebook Computer 01AV154 01AV193 01AV178 01AV217 2pcs DC Power Cord Square Quadrate Plug IBM/Lenovo M490S 11 13 1.5M , Free shipping L13 YOGA 13.3 FHD display Digitizer panel 5M10W64463 5M10W64466 5M10W64465 Stickers NEW S2 2020 S3 Vinyl Slim decal Charmsunsleeve Titanium 13.5Laptop Ultra-thin Pouch Bag Cover,Microfiber Leather Sleeve NFC connection cable 450.0A905.0001 2021 Intel i7-1165G7 Professional Windows10 32GB 2TB SSD WiFi6 Touchscreen i5-6200U FRU:01AX815 working GX490 NM-C661 8th I7-10710U 00JT811 01LV888 01LV889 FX490 NM-B861 FRU;5B20X57811 CPU; I7 8565U 448.04P16.002M 448.04P15.002M i7 01LV173 16822-1 448.0A912.0011 SL10M82255 14.0 QHD Touch Assembly Bezel GEN LP140QH1-SPE3 40pin FRU:01AY702 00NY412 2560x1440 Lcd Frame 01AY904 00UR189 00JT857 14 B140HAN01.8 (20FR) 2016 14.0 1920x1080 B140han01.8 01AX895 01AX896 01AY916 01YR155 5.0 1 Review 01AY700 inch 4K UHD NV140QUM-N53 01YN122 AZERTY French GK-US GREECE LENOVO 1ST 2IN1 LAPTOP 00JT874 90W Car Charger G400 G500 G505 G405 X240S E431 E531 E360 Adapter 20FQ 20FR I5-6300U 4G 00JT808 00JT812 00JT827 00JT831 3RD 17800-1 I5-8250 8350U 8G-RAM 5B20V13402 01YN210 01YN240 Ram 00JT815 00JT830 00JT834 01LV891 01AW968 00JT863 Back Cover/Palmrest Type 20FQ, rear back case/The OLED 01AW978 3 20LD 20LE 20LF 20LG Lid Black 01AY948 IR 01AY947.